I see him when going in to church, always sitting a seat infront of me or as I take my LO to his class. Tall, bearded guy, husky voice, choclate complextion.

Today we happened to be sitting next to each other. I guess seeing to many movies, he was nervous he kept moving in his seat, shaking his legs and I just wanted to hold his hand and tell him that all was okay.

And at that moment, the pastor said *hold your neighbours hand and pray for him/her* answered prayer right there I thought to myself, or was it one?

Next time I see him I just might ask for his name, just might!

Till next time, may you have a heart like that Of God, pure and true.


A day like today I had made up my mind to move out of a relationship that was not working for me from the begin. I had all the signs in front of me but decided to ignore them.

Before heading out for work and dropping baby at the daycare I had everything all packed up for my exit to freedom. Best move ever.

Been a single parent has to be the most rewarding thing I have accomplished so far and not forgetting to thank God from Whom I asked for guidance, wisdom, sufficient grace to carry on. And through it all He has not left my side despite my short comings.

I have gotten to enjoy my child’s company with no divided attention, seen him grow to the young man I always in-visioned him to be. All in all I would not have done it all, I thank God for everything.

Been single only proves that one can be strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.

May God continue been the center of our lives. To many more years of growth, provision, guidance, stability of raising my son to a God fearing individual.

From us to you, God bless


Hey guys, hope all has been great on your side.

Sorry for the silence was waiting on my brother to help me out with the site but his taking to long to do that or well maybe he must have forgotten he had offered to help out. I should arrange a beer date for us to get down with the site since he says its too plain.

On today’s post I shall be talking about ungrateful people.

So the other day my bff friend, was in a fix and needed some money like real fast. As the caring person I am I decide to put my plans on hold and help him out considering his case was more urgent than mine. Two weeks down the line I text him asking for the money back and he was like “I have not gotten money yet,wait a little longer for me to look for the money” which I was cool with.

He goes silent for two week and I recalled what someone had told me*him refunding money that he has been loaned is always an issue*. In that moment I send him a text asking for my money back and shock on me the guy was so rude I could not believe it. Gave him a deadline if he does not send the money by end of this month I shall not ask for it again. So far I have not seen any effort from his side and hopes of me getting my money are at 1%.

What really hurts is that I put his needs before my own and what do I get in return? Only if I had listened to the person that had warned me about him, I would not be lamenting but on the brighter side I am glad because I got to know the kind of person I was dealing with.

1.Do not help out anyone that is not family.
2.Do not bite the hand that feeds you, you just might need it when you need to feed off it.
3.And as my dad always tells me*do good and go your way* I am learning this the hard way
4.Never put peoples needs before yours.
5.You always come first regardless.

6.People will always take advantage of you if you are the one on the losing end.

Till next time, God bless


Hey Dearie’s,

Today’s post is about living ones truth. What I really dont understand is why people live in fear of what others may say concerning their lives when in essence one is meant to live his/her own life and do what suits them and not others.

Let me tell you a story about my life. I got pregnant at 23years and I was soo happy about been a parent because of my love for kids. So I carried pregnancy to term and what I didnt want was for my child to grow up without a male figure in his life like I did. What did I do, I moved in with baby daddy not coz I wanted to but because of convenience and for my child not to grow up fatherless. What I didnt know was I was living a lie and lying to myself. I took up the duty of been a mother and ‘wife’ to someone that took advantage of that.

It got to a point I got tired of that and decided to break of the relationship, reason because I wasn’t happy and wasn’t living my truth. When i told mum about moving back home, she told me to bare with the ‘marriage’ and things would be better. And she was also scared of what the community would say about me but i juat sat her and told her my happiness waa what counted. I gave it a month and nothing changed in the relationship*I know that’s a short period but i already knew there was no way I would live with that man in my life*

My mum didnt even know when I would go back home she just found me home with my son. That has to be the best decision I made in my life second to keeping my pregnancy. 

I feel pity for young mums that live in relationships just coz of convenience despite not been happy.

For any young mum out there living a lie all in the name of ‘I’m here coz of my child’ thats a fat lie. Think of your own happiness and not what others might say concerning your sistuation. Your happiness, sound of mind, healthy relationship with your child is what counts. Dont let your child grow up in a disfunctional family.

First blog post

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog.

This will be a blog about parenthood, sisterhood and all things woman.

Welcome and lets start this journey together in growing each other.

I will be writing once a week or if anything interesting comes up i sure will be writing more than once.